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Mobile Meals of Toledo, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-based social service agency that delivers nourishing food—at home and at school—to those whose nutritional needs might otherwise go unmet.

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Mobile Meals of Toledo
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Because of your generosity, Mobile Meals is able to provide more than $250,000 in financial assistance annually to people who lack the resources to buy food.

Other Ways To Donate

Older Woman

My name is Charlene. I am 65 years old and have been on Mobile Meals for 14 years. I am blind, have osteoarthritis and am borderline diabetic. I have no family support. My only income is Social Security, but because you are able to help me with a lower fee, I can pay for my Mobile Meals and remain in my own apartment. I remain independent because you take care of my nutritional needs. I am very grateful for the service you provide.

Last year, over 246,000 meals were delivered to neighbors in your community.

Just $85 provides a week’s worth of meals to a homebound neighbor.

Weekend Meals

My name is Benjamin and I am 8 years old. I am a 2nd grader at Garfield Elementary School. I get a hot lunch at school every day during the week, but on weekends, my Mom works two jobs and we don’t see her very much. Even though my mom tries to leave some food for us, sometimes I get so hungry. Then I go to my Weekender bag and have some cereal and juice or a granola bar. Thanks to my Weekender bags. I don’t worry as much about what I will eat on the weekends.

Last year, over 39,000 Weekender bags were distributed at 6 low-income Toledo-area schools.

Just $100 provides a Weekender Bag for a needy student for the entire school year.

Mobile Meals Delivers Pet Food

For many of our clients, owning a pet means companionship in an otherwise lonely day. Over the years, Mobile Meals of Toledo has learned that some of our clients would feed part of their meals to their pets because they could not always afford the proper pet food. As a result of this finding, for the past 10 years, Mobile Meals has delivered pet food to clients who need this assistance. Dogs, cats, birds, and even gerbils and rabbits have been recipients of this program.

Last year, nearly 100 homes received pet food from Mobile Meals.

Just $75 provides meals for 5 pets in the homes of our clients.

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All of us at Mobile Meals feel indebted to you, the supporters who share our commitment to providing nutritional independence. Without your generous support, our efforts would be impossible. Please know that you are making a meaningful difference in your neighbors’ lives.

Contributions to Mobile Meals can be made at any time and in any denomination. Acknowledgments and receipts are provided.

Mobile Meals of Toledo is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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