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Here’s why you should choose Mobile Meals of Toledo.

Our food is prepared in our local kitchen and delivered two times a week. Clients can choose one or two meals per day. They also have a choice between four different dinner meal entrées. The two-meal plan may include bread and juice, and all meal plans include milk, fruit, and snack (cereal). Saturday and Sunday meals are optional.

Our menus are developed by registered diet technicians and cooks, then approved by a licensed dietitian.

Here’s why you should choose Mobile Meals of Toledo.

Mobile Meals allows you to create a home-delivered meal program that meets your individual needs and preferences. Clients can choose among various delicious entrée options from menus developed by registered diet technicians and cooks and approved by a licensed dietitian. You also enjoy the choice of daily or weekly deliveries.

We prepare all meals in our kitchen at Mercy HealthCare Center. Because our drivers deliver your meals straight from the kitchen to your home, there’s never any dry ice to handle, refrigerant-containing gel packs to discard, or heavy boxes to lift.

Delivery Frequency Options

  • One or two meals a day, delivered once or twice per week
  • Five meals with once-a-week delivery
  • Weekend meals are optional
  • Holiday meals included with all plans
  • Choice of daily dinner entrée with most diets

Have a question?

Here are the most common questions that new clients and caregivers ask.

Qualifying for Mobile Meals

Who qualifies for Mobile Meals’ home-delivered meal service?

Our service is for people of all ages and economic levels. We serve people who may be homebound, have limited mobility, have a medical condition, be recovering from surgery or injury, or be otherwise unable to cook, shop, or maintain a healthy diet.

Is a physician’s prescription required?

Mobile Meals does not require a prescription. Our staff will notify your physician’s office that you have signed up for Mobile Meals.

Isn’t Mobile Meals just for Senior Citizens?

No. We’ve served clients ranging in age from three years old to 105. Service is provided for anyone with a medical need, regardless of age.

Can I specify to my caseworker that I want Mobile Meals as my home-delivered meals provider?

Absolutely, simply inform your case manager that you choose Mobile Meals as your provider.

Paying for Mobile Meals

Is there a cost for home-delivered meals?

Fees are determined on a sliding scale depending on income. We also accept Passport, CareStar Waiver, Buckeye & Aetna (MyCare Ohio Waiver) and SNAP. Your case manager can help verify your insurance eligibility.

I don’t qualify for government assistance. How much will the home-delivered meal service cost me?

We determine each private-pay client’s cost separately using a sliding-scale that factors in their income and living expenses. A representative will be happy to quote you a fee over the phone.

Do you accept food stamps from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?

Yes. Mobile Meals does accept SNAP food stamps and Electronic Benefits Transfer as forms of payment for home-delivered meals.

Do you accept insurance?

We accept Passport, CareStar Waiver, Buckeye & Aetna (MyCare Ohio Waiver), and SNAP.

Learn how easy it is to begin receiving home delivery from Mobile Meals.