Does your business or organization have something to share about your service that you feel our clients would appreciate, whether it be a money-saving special offer, benefit, or branded premium item? Consider becoming a Mobile Meals Delivery Sponsor.

Mobile Meals will insert your materials into over 500 client bags and hand-deliver them with their meals. We know our clients appreciate receiving materials they will find helpful, informative, and could possibly benefit them in some way.

Things We Deliver:

Branded Premium Items

Discounted Services




Senior-Related Information

Sponsorship Pricing:

Single Delivery: $500

Double Delivery: $800

Mobile Meals will work with the sponsor to reserve a specific delivery date. Materials for delivery (minimum 500) must be delivered to Mobile Meals at least one week prior to scheduled delivery date. Mobile Meals is not responsible for collating or organizing items prior to insertion.

All proceeds from your sponsorship will benefit Mobile Meals Home-Delivered Meal Program.

Mobile Meals loves delivering healthy food to people who may need a little extra assistance. Many of our clients are homebound, may be recovering from surgery, or have trouble maintaining a healthy diet. Most of our clients are seniors, although we serve anyone of any age.

Please note: Any materials distributed to Mobile Meals clients will need to be approved prior to distribution. Restrictions apply.

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