Volunteering has its rewards.

Mobile Meals relies on volunteers to help serve our clients in need. Hundreds of volunteers donate thousands of service hours annually by delivering nutritious food to help our clients maintain their independence. We would love to have you join our valued team of volunteers. Your time will help change the life of someone in need.

Volunteers that deliver meals typically work two lunch hours each month. You’ll deliver on the same days of the month, and you’ll deliver to the same clients’ neighborhood each time. Potential volunteers must attend an orientation session, authorize a background check, and provide proof of automobile insurance and a valid driver’s license.


We need volunteers with a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families we serve.

Corporate Care

Recruit your co-workers and deliver Mobile Meals on two lunch hours each month. We can tailor a program that works for your business.

Call Outs

Volunteers call our clients and make sure they are doing okay. Sometimes a friendly voice makes all the difference.

Office Help

Volunteer in our office and assist with various duties such as bulk mailings, filing, and data entry.

Volunteer Stories

“I have been volunteering for Mobile Meals for 18 years. I deliver the meals to the clients. The clients are always very appreciative when receiving the meals. It brings a smile to their faces. In addition to getting delicious meals that meet each individual’s dietary requirements delivered right to their door, it is a check on their well-being. Sometimes the volunteer delivering meals is the only person a client will see and interact with during the day. This brief bit of social interaction can do wonders for a person’s psyche and sense of belonging.”



“The daughter of one of our clients on my delivery route said that her father loves the meals, especially potatoes with gravy. She shared that she is relieved to know that her father has healthy meals. She is also grateful that she no longer has to purchase so much food for her dad, which was financially difficult. It’s satisfying, as a volunteer, to hear things like that and know that we are making a difference in people’s lives.”

—Carol H, Volunteer


“A few years ago, a lady on my delivery route and her neighbor fed this cat regularly. The lady wanted a big plastic tote to make a home for the cat, so I got one, and my husband carved out openings in the sides. We lined the tote with blankets, and I found a rubber mat to weigh down the top. I took the newly made cat house over to her, and she was delighted. I only got to deliver a few more times before the lady passed away, but Paige, Mobile Meals’ volunteer coordinator, made sure the neighbor received pet food so she could continue caring for the cat. It just made me feel so happy to volunteer for an organization that cared that much and did something so nice for a homeless cat. I just wanted to share this story to let everyone delivering pet food know that their effort is truly appreciated.”

—Carol H, Volunteer

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