Rising Food Costs Effect Everyone

Many of us are experiencing sticker shock at the grocery store, discovering that our food budget does not cover what it used to. It’s no surprise that the rising cost of food coupled with supply chain issues have also affected our organization. And with higher food prices comes more food insecurity in our community, which is another reason Mobile Meals’ service is so important.

It’s not fun to talk about, but the cost of making a meal is up 8 percent from before COVID hit, and now it is necessary to seek food substitutions and limit some menu choices.

Financial donations of any size can help us better navigate through these issues. Won’t you please give to Mobile Meals today?

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Mobile Meals is a certified 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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TOLEDO FOR MEALS!  TOLEDO FOR MEALS is both a fundraiser and an awareness campaign created to help Mobile Meals better navigate rising food costs, supply chain issues, and increasing gas...

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The Good You Will Do

Make a donation now and help provide nutritional security to those who need it most.

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