Thank you for volunteering with Mobile Meals.

Each time you deliver meals, you make a meaningful difference in people‘s lives. You’re bringing more than proper nutrition to our clients’ doorsteps; you’re also checking on their safety and wellbeing—and you’re providing social interactions to many who have limited contact with other people.

Government and insurance regulations require Mobile Meals to provide all volunteers—from the newest to the most experienced—with continuing education on important topics related to meal delivery service. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the required training information into this single online location.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please click on the boxes listed below to complete your training. When finished, please click on the button at the bottom of this page to acknowledge that you have completed your continuing education requirements for the current year. You may also print each document.

Meal Delivery Information (COVID-19 Edition)

Meal delivery instructions and what to do should you encounter an emergency situation while delivering meals.

APP Quick Reference Guide

Instructions for using the Mobile Meals app.

Change of Condition Cheat Sheet

How to recognize changes in a Mobile Meals‘ clients wellbeing.

About COVID-19, Testing, Flu, and Vaccine Information

Information about COVID-19, its transmission, its prevention, and its treatment.

Staying Safe While Staying Home

In-home safety tips to help keep Mobile Meals clients safe.

Staying Socially Connected While Physically Distant

The role of Mobile Meals volunteers when it come to combating isolation and loneliness.

Myth of Falls

Debunking misconceptions about older adult falls.

PASSPORT Code of Ethics: Updated 11-8-20

PASSPORT, assisted living, and individual provider code of ethics.

Acknowledge Completion

When you have finished reading all eight documents, please click the button below. You will be directed to fill out a brief form and acknowledge completing the current year’s training.