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Mobile Meals of Toledo, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-based social service agency that delivers nourishing food—at home and at school—to those whose nutritional needs might otherwise go unmet.

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Meal Delivery Information

Instructions for picking up and delivering Mobile Meals, checking on clients, and reporting completion of your route.


Our goal at Mobile Meals is to deliver high quality food in the most efficient, safe, and friendly manner possible. We want delivering Mobile Meals to be enjoyable for our volunteers—and we want to provide excellent customer service to our clients. Toward those ends, we’ve been busy making a few changes.

First, we remodeled our kitchen and have begun making some meals in house. Our plan is to eventually replace all frozen meals provided by an outside vendor with freshly made food prepared by our staff.

Next, our office has started using new software for client management, volunteer coordination, and route planning—as well as other internal tasks.

And we now use insulated cooler bags and ice packs to ensure that food remains at safe temperatures during delivery.

All those changes affect our delivery process in a few different ways, so please review the Meal Delivery Information on this page carefully.

Meal Pickup

Meals should be picked up from your designated site between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. If you are going to be later than 11:00 a.m., please call our office and let us know with as much advance notice as possible.

Each site should have clipboards, blue sticky notes, and window decals for your use. If your site is missing these items please notify our office so that we can restock the appropriate items and send you what you need.

Before leaving the site to begin delivering, please ensure that you have all the bags designated for your route. Be sure to compare the names on your route sheet to the names on each bag label prior to leaving the site.

Client meals are located within a plastic bag within an insulated cooler bag for delivery. Each cooler bag will also contain an ice pack.

Cooler bags should be labeled with route letter, client name, and dietary information. Interior plastic bags will not be labeled.

Volunteers should use cooler bags for all deliveries, as there is one cooler bag per client. When arriving at a client’s home, please remove the interior plastic bag of food from the cooler bag, deliver the plastic bag of food to the client, and retain the cooler bag and ice pack.

Obtaining Signatures

For a variety of reasons, many clients must sign for their meals. Clients who are required to sign will have signature lines along the righthand side of their information on the route sheet.

Only the client themselves or their authorized representatives are allowed to sign. Authorized representatives are indicated within the Driver Instructions section of their information. Names of authorized representatives will be denoted by an * and their name being listed in bold (i.e. *Susan Jones).

Anyone signing (client or authorized representative) must sign their own name. They should never sign the name of someone else. Signing someone else’s name is forgery and fraud.

A volunteer should never sign on behalf of a client.

Signatures for all clients, as well as authorized representatives, are on file in our office. Signatures are validated on a daily basis by Mobile Meals staff. If unauthorized signatures are obtained by the volunteer, Mobile Meals is unable to bill for those meals delivered and therefore loses out on much-needed funding.

If a client does not answer the door, we encourage volunteers to attempt calling the client. Phone numbers for each client are listed on the route sheet, under the client’s name.

Clients know they should be home to sign for their own meals or that they may authorize others to sign in their absence. If the client or an authorized representative is not available to sign, you CANNOT leave the meals. Please donate the food to another client on your route or someone else in need.

Clients are only required to sign once per delivery, despite the number of signature lines that may appear in their section of the route sheet.

No Answer

If a signature is not required and a client is not answering the door, please follow the instructions on the route sheet (i.e., leave bag in cooler, leave bag at door, leave food with Susan Jones in apartment #47).

Please leave a blue sticky note on the client’s door if you do not see them. On the sticky note, please indicate one of the following:

  • You were unable to leave their meals because no one was there to sign
  • You left their meals in a designated place as indicated by the route sheet
  • You left their meals with a designated person as indicated by the route sheet

Completing the Route

Please report any errors on the route sheet back to our office. Errors may be reported by calling the office, 419-255-7806, or making notes directly on the route sheet.

To ensure the daily wellbeing of each client, please call our Route Completion line, 419-720-MEAL (6325) when you’ve finished your route. Please leave the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your route letter
  • The time you completed your delivery
  • The names of clients you did not see while delivering, if any

“Hello, this is Paige Strancar. I just finished delivering Route B. I did not see John Smith; I left his bag in his cooler. I did not see Sally Johnson; I left her bag with Frank in apartment #203. And Jane Davis was not home; I gave her meals away to another client on the route. Everyone else was home and doing well today.”

“Hello, this is Paige Strancar. I just finished delivering Route B. All clients were home and doing well today.”

At the end of the route sheet, please make sure you:

  • Indicate your start time
  • Indicate your end time
  • Sign your name in the designated Driver’s Signature space.

NOTE: Mobile Meals’ staff will sign the Supervisor line when the route sheet arrives back in our office.

Cooler bags, ice packs, and route sheets need to be returned to the pickup site following each day’s deliveries.

Each pickup site will have a designated bin for returning the insulated cooler bags. The bin will be appropriately marked and conveniently located. The location of the bin will depend on the pickup site. Insulated cooler bags should be flattened to help conserve space within the bin.

Ice packs should be removed from the cooler bags and placed in their own designated box within the aforementioned bin. The box for the ice packs should be appropriately labeled as well.

Each pickup site will have a designated box for completed route sheets. This box will be attached to the outside of the aforementioned bin for the cooler bags.

Each site has a specific cutoff time for the return of all items. If you are going to return the items after the cutoff time, please contact the office immediately. Ensuring that we receive each route sheet back is critical to our billing process. Without the route sheets we cannot bill for the meals you deliver, as they are proof of who received meals each day. Ensuring that we receive each cooler bag and ice pack back is critical to the food safety temperature of the food we are distributing to clients each day.

Handling Emergencies

If you encounter an emergency situation while delivering meals, immediately contact emergency personnel by calling 911. Remain with the client until emergency personnel arrive.

Unless you are professionally trained and qualified, do not attempt to provide medical care for the client.

Call the Mobile Meals office at 419-255-7806 to notify us of the emergency.


If you have questions pertaining to meal delivery or emergency situations, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by phone at 419-255-7806 or via email.